MIIEx is back! 

Mark your calendar on the 6th – 8th August 2019 as the Melaka International Intellectual Exposition (MIIEx 2019) takes place again in Kolej Profesional MARA Bandar Melaka. It is an annual event organized by UiTM Melaka Campus with the intention to bring together ideas and inspiration that could fit in for commercialization needs. This event creates a platform for researchers to establish networking, partnership and opportunities to collaborate with industries.


Fees & Payments

MIIEx Category A (RM500)
Professional Level

Include Lecturers, Teachers, Industry Worker & Public Sector. 

 Additional members will be charge RM 100 per person. 



MIIEx Category C (RM400)
School Level

Include Primary & Secondary Schools – Open. Additional members will be charge RM 50 per person.

MIIEx Category B (RM500)
Tertiary Level

Include Graduate & Undergraduate Students from Local Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges & Matriculations. 

Additional members will be charge RM50 per person.

MIIEx Category D (USD150)
International Participants

Additional members will be charge USD 50 per person

Bring Your Big Ideas

To Life

Organize, Brainstorm, Look For Patterns & Commercialize Your Vision. Let’s come to MIIEx 2019 with Creative Ideas to help the future. Perform in a group, expose your ideas. Register first pay later. All submissions through online confBay system is before last payment due 15th June 2019. Don’t missed up. Convenient fee for big awards. 

Each group shall consist of 5 members

School Category fee just RM400

Local Participants – RM500

International – USD150

Come and Join Us

So, join us in MIIEx 2019 and let the world get a glimpse of your discoveries.


Gold, Silver and Bronze

Exclusive Prize

The grand finalists and winners will have the opportunities to exclusive prizes of over RM5,000. 


Participation plus Award certificates

Online Registration

MIIEx 2019 registration through confBay registration system


There are FOUR MIIEx 2019 Exhibition Tracks there are Invention, Innovation, Design

& Special Track: Nutrition.










WoCESST 2019

A three-day event which combines an exhibition (MIIEx) and conference (MIC3ST)


Welcome to Melaka, Malaysia

 Melaka or Malacca is one of the most popular tourist destinations within Malaysia.  In 2008 UNESCO listed Malacca as World Heritage Site. Malacca is a wonderful city for nice daytime activities or for a stay of more than one day. The city has many beautiful attractions, all clearly representing the great history of the city.








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MIIEx in continuous events organised by Research and Industry Linkages Division of UiTM Cawangan Melaka, or better known as PJI. 

MIIEx rebranded from RIID or Research, Invention, Innovation & Design Competition in 2015. RIID was annually organised by PJI since 2012.

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